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Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm PST
government is sending. >> and shower chances over the next 24 hours and the warming that does show up in the seven day forecast. >>> the u.s. military says it successfully launched an intercepter missile. yesterday's launch did not lit a target but sent the missile into space. >>> authorities conducted a dramatic rescue operation in arizona this weekend to help dozens of hikers trapped by floods. hikers in various parts of tucson's bear canyon started making 911 calls after heavy rains on saturday. a torin of water flooded down and trapped the hikers. rescue crews used rope lifts to get those people to safety. it took all day to rescue everyone. there are no reports of injury, amazingly. >>> in egypt, another day of deadly rioting pushed president morsi to declare a state of emergency in three provinces. at least 44 people have died in the rioting that happened yesterday. >>> from israel comes word that tests show former prime minister sharone who has been in a coma now has significant signs of brain activity. the brain activity increased when he was shown pictures of his family an
Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm PST
transparency report on u.s. government requests for data. data requests rose 20% in the second half of last year. most of those requests are from law enforcement and are made by subpoena. twitter says it handed over information, or log data in 69% of those cases. >>> google made a pledge for data privacy day. saying it would lobby for rules that would limit law enforcement access to private data. current laws do not require a search warrant for messages stored online. google released its own transparency report last week, showing government requests have rose 70% since 2009. with most accompanied by subpoena, and not a warrant. >>> hand painted gnomes that mysteriously started to appear on utility polls are getting noticed and removed. pg and e says it's concerned the bearded men will inspire people to place other things on their property. a company spokesperson says it's going to meet with city leaders and residents to come up with a plan to remove the gnomes from the poles and find them another home. >>> an accused mass murderer is being moved to a different bay area facility. why th
Jan 22, 2013 10:00pm PST
to be rebuilt. >> reporter: the student government and other tenant of eshelman hall will be relocated to the new eshelman hall in 2015. we're live in berkeley, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> progolfer mickelson is threatening to move out of california because of tax changes. some interpreted his remarks meaning that he's going to move out of the state. mickelson later said that he is not making plans about moving out of california and he apologized. >>> the entire dream liner fleet was grounded worldwide last week after problems with its lithium ion batteries caused an emergency landing in japan. meantime al-nippon is canceling their lines through january 28th. >>> toyota's prius is now number one in california. the prius has ended the honda civic reign as the most sold vehicle in california. according to new car dealers association almost 61,000 prius hybrids were sold last year. toyota and honda dominated car sales last year. after the prius and civic toyota's camera came in third followed by the honda accord, toyota co corolla and honda crv. >>> ktvu's tom vac
Jan 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
u.s. and the philippine government are together to talk about how to remove it. there is damage to the corral reef. the uss guardian ran aground last thursday. the uss found that it was using the wrong graph. >>> as jana katsuyama, news chopper 2 was overhead as the drama unfolded. >> reporter: the call for help came around 11:45 this morning. news chopper 2 flew over head as police tried to reach a surfer who was stranded below the cliff house. officials say the man had been out surfing with a friend when he began cramping up. >> he had climbed up the rock and didn't think he was able to swim to shore. >> reporter: the water was too rough and the rocks too dangerous to get close enough. a rescue helicopter was still 40 minutes away so four fire department swimmers said they would go out in the cold choppy water and attempt the rescue. they told the surfer to jump, he plunged back into the water. rescuers swam over and helped him to the boat. >> he was just tired. >> had he been out there very long? >> maybe half an hour. >> reporter: fire officials say the man was a novice just le
Jan 23, 2013 10:00pm PST
government business ends around 5:00. the lights remain on inside, because there's still work to be done. >> the niners are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: robert is a proud native san franciscan. the custodian considers city hall, his second home. >> i love the job. this is my second house. i live here eight hours a day, maybe more. >> reporter: he spent most nights here for the past 14 years. >> probably better than my own place. >> reporter: the 55-year-old is among the 50,000 city workers who may face a pay cut, when the current union contract expires next week. they say city administrators have considered cutting wages for jobs traditionally held by women and minorities. positions that pay 40,000, to $80,000 a year. >> we hear a lot about violence to women. this is a financial violence to women and minorities. >> reporter: saying there's no dollar amount attached to the proposed pay cut. the city says the cuts may apply only to new hires. if no agreement is reached by june 14, the matter goes to arbitration. >> if the union believes that we are ignoring, certainly an argument
Jan 24, 2013 10:00pm PST
decisions made by the federal government on health care for example. which could cost our state billions of the dollars. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and at we posted more video of the governor's state of state address. look for the video player right there on our home page. >>> the district attorney has decided she will not bring charges against senior officials at a state park's department for hiding millions of the dollars in state funds. a report from california's attorney general accused state park officials of keeping a secret slush fund even as they threatened to close seven state parks because of funds. camela harris forwarded the report to the d. a however the d.a.'s office now says it would be difficult to prove wrong doing plus the money was never spent and nobody profited from the scream. >>> i've seen him some where. >> ktvu shows you the sketch of an attempted kidnap suspect. tonight see the video of how the victim escaped. >>> san jose finally gets their sharks but are they going to have to pay for the lock out. >> and the areas that coul
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6